A Vision of Love Between The Fishes Beneath The Ark

In the waters below swimming side by side their significant other, whether in love or not, they are bound to each other. Out of their own will they will swim side by side with one and the other. Does it take love to keep them together in a symbiotic relation? Does it ever take love or just understanding of one another? Realizing the eternal justice of their lives as the others stand together side by side above them in their cells. To love is a tempting yet terrifying idea, its not so simple to embody your mind in it’s caresses. Soon becoming engulfed within it. It should be the joinery to keep the foundations together, but in hailstorms and earthquakes of the mind this is not always possible. It should not be understood as an eternal feeling, it can break and wear along the edges and yes it can fail you. For the fishes beneath the ark in the abyss of the silent waters, they have the choice to swim away and break off to start their own new world and become in themselves the creators of their own destiny. They’re bodies are not enamored in the body of the world of the architect or being, but free to choose their own geometries. The currents only are perpendicular at one point then equaled out into three, in the directions of their choice. Where these currents meet is a point of total peace and their love will be embraced and blemished in one another. Only once will they meet there, and for a brief time. 


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